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Subject      :





–          DURATION     –  







Place of the journey mostly concerns with geography, such as :

–          Topography

–          Physical geography :     –  coast

–  plain

–  mountainous

–  high plateau

–  vallay

–     weather & climate


03 . 3 .  The accessibility

The accessibility from the place of accommodation in reaching the attraction is very important to be considered , since the complication in getting accommolation which is accessible to place of tourist attraction can make the difficuly in implementing the planned tour program . Otherrwise the planned tour program will be cancelled .

The accessibility of transport from the gate of entry and exit to the place which is considered as a nucleus of a tour program is very important to be judged.

The entry gate concerns with the arrival place as a source of the coming of visitors.

The exit gate concerns with the continuation of the tour.

The problem of the eit gate can make the wholo tour program of the respective place to be cancelled.

The possibilities of the gate condition :

–          The same place of entry and exit

–          The defferent place of entry and exit


03. 4 . The adequacy

The adequaticy ( conform with the necessities ) in facilities and services of transportation can secure yhe executing of a tour program, mostly concerns with :

–          The time schedule and frequency of transportation

–          Modes of transport

–          Available scating capacity

–          The ease in getting transport

–          Schedule transportation and charter transportation


An outstanding service which conform with the tour requirement is very important to be considered. And is better to look for the possibility for getting the est avaible service of transportation.



03. 5 . Circle tour route

The circle route is very important to be considered since it can prevent the bareness of the participants.

If it is not a constraint, repenting the same tour route should be minimized.

It is allowed to use the same route just for :

–          A  short  distance tour

–          A constraint situation ( the main point of interest has been covered )

The following factors should be taken nto consideration if it is necessary to repeat the same tour route :

–          The arrangement of points of interest during the journey ( go away route and back away route ).

–          Making a compensation by cooperative in implementing the tour with a tour guide.


03 . 6 . Seeing tourist attraction in a good sequence and a reliable variation.

Tour programmer should have a skill and sense in :

–          Analysing the tourist attraction

–          Setting a good sequence of tourist attraction on tour program


This sequence concerns with :

–          The setting of the variation of tourist attraction ( variation in accordance with : )

o    –  characteristic

o   –  form

o   – time consumption

–          The determination of the optimum point of the program

–          The feeling of the aesthetic of a tour program

–          The attractiveness to the consumer

The ability of creating the variation of torist attraction in setting on a tour program of a programmer, can make the perfeetness of the program.

The enclosure chart can help to identify whether the variation is performed in a good manner or not.

03 . 7 .  Place for viewing and enjoying the natural beauty

Place for viewing the natural beauty is very important in setting up a tour program, but sometimes it is to be forgotten. Some considerations concerning this scenic place are :

–          The scenic place has much influence to the setting up on :

  • Time consumption
  • Worth of the tour
  • The fluency of the tour

–          The scenic place should be keep in a nature condition, not too much disturb by a man made creation.

03. 8 . The weight of tour / the main tourist attraction

Tour program must have an ability in expressing the weight or he main attraction of the program. If not it should  be difficult for the customer to determine the content of the program.

The program should be clearly performed the aim of the tour.

03 . 9 . Saleable and profitable

The setting of tour program finally should be conformed with the tour price. Is the price reasonable and profitable ?

Finding this tour price, the programmer should have an ability in :

*  tour fare construction

*  tour calculation

*  tour marketing analysis

*  tour pricing policy and its condition











Subject : . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .




















Review and Discussion

1.       Mention the factors which are taken into consideration on setting a perfect tour program.

Give your comment on the respective factors.

2.       Analyse the traffic-jam situation on week-end day from Ciawi to Puncak From the point of view of tourism infrastructure.

Ang find out the solution of this incident.

3.       Increasing the speadness of vechicle ( road transport ) sometimes is necessary to be done due to the limitation of time.

Mention several points which are supported the purpose of the above getion. Give an example concelnning your opinion.

4.       What do you know about facilities and conditions of airports in Jakarta. Would you give a comment about the separation of domestic and international airport.

5.       List several factors which should be considered on setting a tour program concerns with paking lot and access road of a tourist spot.

6.       Analyse the correlation between parking lot of a tourist spot and setting a tour program. Describe your plan for establishment a perking lot of a tourist spot.

7.       The allocation of time for the journey concerns with bareness ang exchouseted. Explain this statement clearly, and give examples of the implementation of the necessities time.

8.       What are the advantages of describing the duration of tour into list of distribution of time  ?

9.        Find a good manner on releasing the overtime in order to conform with the allocation time of a tour program

10.   In setting a tour program a city has funetion as gate and place of distribution. Outline the accessibility in reaching the attraction from Surabaya in accordance with the above function of a city.

11.   What do you know about the relation between the adequacy of transport and setting a tour program.

Explain your answer clearly !

12.   What are the adventages and disadvantages of a circle tour route .

And what are the disadvantages of repeating the same route.

13.   What do you understand by a good sequence tour program ?

Mention several variations which are concerened with setting a good sequence program.

What are the advantages of a variation tour program ? .



( an reference books you can use : Tourist Map, Tourist Guide Book, “Mengenal Sepuluh Daerah Wisata, Direktorat Jendral Pariwisata”,etc )

1.       Find the duration of the trip from :

Jakarta to Medan                                             ETD        11 . 15                   ETA                        13 . 05

Ambon to Ujungpandang                             ETD        08 . 40                   ETA                        12 . 15

Jayapura to Jakarta                                         ETD        06 . 35                   ETA                        16 . 10



2.       Fnd the time consumption of the trip : ( by road transport )



From     to                                                                                     Distance                     Average

Velocity km/hr


Hotel                     –              Airport                                                      24 km                               25 km/hr

Jakarta                   –             Parung                                                       34 km                               45 km/hr

Wonosobo          –              Dieng                                                         36 km                               30 km/hr

Lampung             –              Cirebon                                                                  135 km                                50 km/hr


3.       Find the time consumption of terminal transfer service of the following airport ( assumption of average velocity is 30 km/hr ) to the down town.


–          Polonia                                                                                        – Hasanudin

–          Halim Perdana Kusumah                                                      – Ngurah Rai

–          Juanda                                                                                          – Ahmad Yani


4.       Find the total time consumption of the following country side tour ( average velocity is 35 – 40 km/hr ).

Bandung              –             Tangkuban Perahu, Ciater

Yogyakarta          –             Borobudur

Denpasar             –              Sangeh , Ngawi

Medan                  –              Berastagi

Bukittinggi          –              Maninjau

Surabaya             –              Trowulan

Semarang            –              Jepara, Kudus

Malang                                 –              Selecta

Jakarta                  –              Bogor

Cirebon                –              Kuningan



5.       Set a fullday tour program ( 8 – 10 hrs ) starts from the following place : ( use distribution of time list and find the suitable place and time for Lunch )

–          Jakarta                          ( 2 programs )

–          Medan                          ( 1 program )

–          Padang                         (2 programs )

–          Bandung                      ( 2 programs )

–           Semarang                   ( 1 program )

–          Yogyakarta                  ( 3 programs )

–          Denpasar                     ( 3 programs )

–          Ujungpandang          ( 1 program )

–          Surabaya                     ( 2 programs )

–          Manado                       ( 1 program )


6.       Sot a sight – seeing transfer program of the following sities by using distribution of time list, if necessary find the suitable place and the for lunch.

–          Medan      to   Prapat                                               – Yogyakarta          to Semarang

–          Padang      to  Bukittinggi                                     – Yogyakarta          to Surabaya

–          Jakarta      to  Bandung                                           – Semarang             to Yogyakarta

–          Jakarta      to  Pelabuhan Ratu                             – Surabaya              to Malang

–          Bandung  to  Semarang                                        – Surabaya             to Yogyakarta

–          Bandung  to  Yogyakarta                                      – Ujungpandang    to Tanatoraja


7.       Set a city sight-setting program of the following cities and find the total duration by using distribution of time list !

( attention with the average velocity of vehicle within the city )

–          Medan                                          morning tour

–          Padang                                         morning tour

–          Jakarta                                          morning & afternoon tour

–          Bandung                                      morning tour

–          Semarang                                    morning tour

–          Yogyakarta                                  morning& afternoon tour

–          Surabaya                                     morning tour

–          Denpasar                                     morning tour

–          Ujungpandang                          morning tour

–          Manado                                       morning tour


8.       Create a combination city-sight seeing and country side tour program of the following cities :

( Find the duration of tour by using distribution of time list and mention the time and place for lunch )

–          Medan          `               one program

–          Bukittinggi                  one program

–          Jakarta                          two program

–          Yogyakarta                  two program

–          Bandung                      one program

–          Denpasar                     two program

9.       Evaluate time consumption of the following tours :

a.       Refers to your confidential Agent Tariff :

–          MES               04                           –              YOG       01

–          PDG               03                           –              YOG       03

–          JKT                 04                           –              SUB        02

–          BDO               05                           –              DPS        04

–          SRG                                03                           –              DPS        04

b.      – Jakarta – banten tour, include lunch, visit : Banten Lama, Anyer, Carita- 10 hrs.

–          Yogya – Dieng tour include lunch, at Wonosobo, 10 hrs.

–          Yogya – C. S. S. and Borobudur tour, include lunch at Dagi restaurant, 10 hrs.

–          Denpasar – Tnah Lot combination with Sungeh and “ engwi tour  “, 5 hrs.

–          Bandung – Pangandaran sight-seeing transfer, incl lunch, 10 hrs.

–          Semarang – Yogyakarta tour, include lunch at suharti, 12 hrs.

–          Padang – singkarak lake tour, incl lunch, 8 hrs.

–          Solo – Sungirang tour, 4 hrs.

–          Semarang fullday kartini tour, incl. lunch

–          Baturaden – Yogyakarta sight-seeing transfer, include lunchat Wonosobo, 12 hrs.

10.   Create a special interest tour ( the attractions will be combined between the general and special interest attractions )

Participants                                                Place as nucleus                                                       hours
Archeologist                                                Yogyakarta                                                                 2 FD

Surabaya                                                                     1 HD


Pysician                                                           Jakarta                                                                        1 FD

Bandung                                                                    1 FD


Biologist                                                         Medan                                                                          1 FD

Jakarta                                                                          1 FD


Students                                                         Surabaya                                                                     1 FD

( “SLTA” )                                                        Yogyakarta                                                                  1 FD

Bandung                                                                      1 FD


Fote :          FD           =              Fullday

HD          =              Half day

11.   Make a

(witten by kokom,x upw, feb 2011)


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